Ashlan is a passionate entrepreneur, a graceful mother of two boys, and an avid lover of food.

The birth of Upbeet Clothing occurred at Ashlan’s baby shower for her second son, when she invited guests to decorate onesies for her sweet boy. When the first “Beet of my Heart” onesie was born, the wheels started to turn in Ashlan’s mind. From there the puns nearly wrote themselves in the wee hours of the morning when she was feeding her little one. She brings her expertise in market research, her quick mind, and tireless spirit to UpBeet.

Her favorite foods are slow cooked pot roast and flourless dark chocolate cake. Her favorite dish to cook is thai style noodle salad using the ingredients from her local CSA. Ashlan lives in Petaluma, CA with her husband and two boys.




Chelsea is a working artist, a determined business owner, and an eager cook.

While attending Ashlan’s baby shower, Chelsea called upon her artist skill and drew a colorful beet for the future little one. Little did she know, that beet pun outfit would multiply into a bountiful business. She will be bringing her expertise as a painter, her knowledge as a certified nutritionist, and her willingness to learn new skills to UpBeet Clothing.

Her favorite foods are broccoli and kale…JUST KIDDING…her favorite foods are baby back ribs (her dad’s recipe) and really good croissants. Her favorite meal to cook is beef stew using her homemade bone broth. Chelsea lives in Nevada City, CA with her husband.